Research Interests

Energy policy; environmental and energy economics; political economy of environmental and energy policies.

Work in progress

  • Assessing national and subnational carbon prices: A harmonized approach
  • Border Carbon Adjustment with Policy Crediting
  • Does pricing carbon cause carbon leakage? Evidence from an international panel
  • Getting to net zero: a backward induction approach to climate policy —with Dallas Burtraw, Mirjam Kosch and Michael Pahle
  • Does climate policy explain the productivity puzzle in network industries? Evidence from the energy sector —with Victor Ajayi, Karim Anaya and Michael Pollitt


  • Pollitt, M. and Dolphin, G. (forthcoming). Should the EU-ETS be extended to road transport and heating fuels? Economics of Energy and Environmental Policy.
  • Dolphin, G., Pollitt, M.G. and Newbery , D.M. (2020), The political economy of carbon pricing: a panel analysis, Oxford Economic Papers. Paper

Working papers

  • Rafaty, R., Dolphin, G. and F. Pretis. (2021) Carbon pricing and the elasticity of CO2 emissions. RFF Working Paper 21-33
  • Dolphin, G. and M.G. Pollitt (2021), Climate Policy Diffusion: theory and evidence, RFF Working Paper 21-23
  • Dolphin, G. and M.G. Pollitt (2019), Identifying innovative in the electricity supply industry using machine learning: an application to UK patent data. Current version accessible here


  • 2019 (Sept 5-6), IAEE European Conference, Vienna
  • 2017 (Sept 5-6), IAEE European Conference, Vienna
  • 2016 (July 7-8), EPRG & CEEPR European Energy Policy Conference, Paris
  • 2016 (June 19-23), IAEE International Conference – Energy: expectations and uncertainty, Bergen, Norway
  • August 25-29, 2014, “Economics of Electricity Markets” Summer School, Ghent, Belgium
  • 2013, Envecon, London, United Kingdom